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Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas

These are our main celebratory events.

We take great joy in celebrating Jesus Christ

and give thanks for the opportunity to serve

in this community.

Our dining hall is decorated and the aroma

of cooked turkey fills the room.

No one goes away hungry due to the kindness and generosity of this community. 



We start preparing in September for the biggest event of the year, which is Christmas.

With so many in our community who are hungry, and struggling to make ends meet, our mission is to make Christmas a little merrier.

We provide Christmas meals and gifts for our local schools, and also for many of our homeless and poverty stricken friends.

With the help of the community, we are able to serve over 1000 Christmas meals and gifts

each year.


Christmas Shopping

Each year, we provide two little shopping sprees. The first is for junior students of our local school.

At Friendship House, they can pick out a gift for mom or dad, wrap it up, make a Christmas card and then enjoy cookies and juice.

The second shopping spree is a Christmas store where our guests can purchase

(at a very low cost) new gift items

so that they, too, can give at Christmas time.